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November 27, 1995
I know Spurrier doesn't aspire to be a Willy Loman, but he is ridiculously arrogant and rude.MICHAEL D. GOOLSBY, AUBURN, ALA.
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November 27, 1995


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I know Spurrier doesn't aspire to be a Willy Loman, but he is ridiculously arrogant and rude.

Coach Spurrier
Florida football coach Steve Spurrier has faced all of the criticism, wadded it up and thrown it right back in the faces of his critics (Sieve Superior, Oct. 23). It's a shame that all coaches don't share his passion to win. Spurrier's competitive spirit and drive are enough to motivate anyone to do his best.

I can't stand Spurrier. He is an offensive "mastermind" and, with respect to his family, a supreme jerk. While most coaches rallied around Bobby Bowden and the difficulties of overseeing 100 kids year round, Spurrier was classless enough to slap Florida State while it was down. His comments regarding FSU's troubles with unscrupulous agents will never be forgotten by Seminole fans. We love to hate him. Nothing, not even beating Miami by 20-plus points, is as delicious as seeing Steve Superior throw his Gator golf visor onto the turf during an FSU-Florida game.

Swan Song of the SWC
As a native Texan and a follower of the Southwest Conference, I read with interest Gary Cartwright's eulogy for the conference (0:00 to Go, Oct. 30). While I was touched by the nostalgia of the piece, I was disturbed by Cartwright's assertion that the SWC began to die in 1976. In the last 20 years, many great players have represented the conference: Mike Singletary, Eric Dickerson, Craig James, Byron (Bam) Morris, Kenneth Davis and Andre Ware. I am not contending that SWC schools were beyond reproach during this time, but simply that Southwest Conference football was entertaining. The breakup of the conference is nothing to celebrate; it is something I will always regret.
KERRY OWENS, Jackson, Miss.

Cartwright failed to mention Jess Neely's Rice Owl teams of the postwar years—which included six bowl teams through 1961—and Grant Teaff's Baylor Bear teams since '72, including their Miracle on the Brazos win over Texas in 74. Rice was very much a part of the SWC's success during the glory years when some of the nation's largest football crowds gathered at Rice Stadium.

What made the Southwest Conference unique was that a fan could see 80% of his team's home and away games by driving less than two hours.
TERRY PARGMANN, Fort Wayne, Ind.

The Newest Bull
Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player ever, teamed with Dennis Rodman, arguably the best rebounder in the NBA: This should be a Bull fan's fondest dream instead of his worst nightmare (Leap of Faith, Oct. 23). Fans will be more interested in Rodman's performance than in his hair.

Why do people think Rodman is going to be a distraction for the Bulls? If sitting out the final seconds of a playoff game, as Pippen did, and taking a year off to play baseball aren't distractions, then what is? Rodman is going to fit in perfectly.

When will Dennis Rodman be accepted for what he is: the best rebounder in the NBA and, much like Deion Sanders in the NFL, a man who brings needed personality to his sport?

I am tired of hearing criticism of Dennis Rodman. The man's a genius. He is 6'8", yet he pulls down more boards than anyone else in the NBA. How is he a "high-risk acquisition"? When people realize that Rodman isn't going to be molded into a model basketball player, his true potential will be tapped.

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