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May 20, 1996
Getting Back(s) Together
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May 20, 1996


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"I'll be at your room in a minute," Kelley said.

"When he got there, I didn't know what to expect," Jackson recalls. "He looked at me and said, 'Joe, I'm your brother.' "

While growing up in Enterprise, Ala., with his mother, Mary, and older sister, Sally, Steven had always known that he had a brother named Joseph Frank whom he had never met. Joseph had taken ill as an infant, and when his parents, Mary and Frank—who divorced in 1986—took him to the hospital, the state, apparently suspecting neglect, took custody of the child. (Mary denies that Joseph was neglected.) Over the years Mary, Sally and Steven had tried in vain to find Joseph.

All the while, Joseph was growing up 30 miles away in Dothan, Ala., with his adoptive family. Steven and Joe recall playing against each other in 1992 when Joe was a big-time Dothan High senior and Steven a hotshot sophomore at Enterprise High. "All these years, I didn't know if Joseph was alive or dead," says Mary, who was reunited with Joe in Enterprise last week. "Now I have two wonderful reasons to watch Troy State play."

Indeed, Jackson, who gained 509 yards and led Troy State with 13 touchdowns in 1995, will do much of his running this season behind his younger brother's blocking. "He's a more aggressive runner than I am," says Kelley. "I'd like to run more like him. I see him and say, 'Hey, if he can do that, I can too. He's my brother.' "

Bleeper of the Week

Although the Colorado Rockies' Don Baylor has been a big league manager for only three-plus seasons, his performance last week put him in the company of legends like Leo Durocher, Earl Weaver and Tommy Lasorda. We refer not to any strategic maneuvers he made during the Rockies' 6-5, 10-inning loss on May 7 to the Atlanta Braves, but to his deep-blue eloquence after it. The Rockies suffered the defeat despite a two-hit, seven-inning performance by Colorado's Mike Farmer, a one-time replacement pitcher making his first big league start; relievers Bruce Ruffin and Curtis Leskanic combined to blow a 5-2 lead. With appropriate editing, we present Baylor's critique of the game:

"That's a bleeping disgrace. Bleeping bleep. Absolute bleeping bleep. We bleeping get two strikes on guys...we walk a guy hitting bleeping .200 [Jeff Blauser]. They do us a bleeping favor and leave him bleeping in, and we bleeping walk him. You've got to be bleeping bleeping me. The bleeping guy pitches his bleeping heart out, and we go out and bleep up the game like that. They're bleeping worried about him being a replacement player? You have to be bleeping bleeping me. He bleeping pitches against one of the best bleeping pitchers in the history of the bleeping game [Greg Maddux]. He bleeping battled his bleeping bleep off, and he's got to watch that bleeping bleep.... He had to bleeping wait to get here and bleeping pitch. He bleeping pitches his bleep off on a bleeping night he has no bleeping chance because bleeping Maddux is pitching."

That Baylor sure has turned into a great bleeping skipper.

Grinding Down

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