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May 27, 1996
Instead of telling everyone he is a Christian, Robinson shows it in his actions, which have the greatest effect of all.TOMMY BUCK, BIRMINGHAM
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May 27, 1996


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Where were the interviews with Bob Huggins, Nick Van Exel's coach at the University of Cincinnati? Why no mention of Van Exel's $100,000 donation to the university's scholarship fund? Or Cincinnati's '92 Final Four team reunion game that Van Exel played in a year ago knowing he could be fined as much as $75,000 by the NBA and the Lakers? I know he has had his problems, but does the media always have to highlight the negative events in an athlete's career? Athletes can't all be Michael Jordan.
CYNDI S. MORGAN, Cincinnati

Role Model
Johnette Howard's POINT AFTER about Rod Carew (April 22) made me realize that I picked a wonderful role model as a kid, because he has turned out to be a great family man as well as a great baseball player.
BILL COMBS JR., Maplewood, Minn.

Not only do I agree with Nebraska women's basketball coach Angela Beck's remark that Lawrence Phillips should be held to a different standard because he's "one of the greatest backs in school history" (SCORECARD, April 29), but I also feel that the NCAA should quickly move to adopt the following guidelines for all schools.

Heisman Trophy "One of the Greatest in School History" All-America Starter Bench Warmer

Murder Armed Robbery Minor Sex Crimes Shoplifting Nonmoving Traffic Violations

It's time we realized that these special humans deserve our sympathy and understanding in their occasional lapses of moral judgment. After all, you can always get another girlfriend, but a 1,000-yard rusher is something special.

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