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June 17, 1996
As long as we have owners like George Steinbrenner and promoters like Don King, we should go a little easier on Marge Schott.BRET DUPUIS, CLAYTON, CALIF.
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June 17, 1996


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As long as we have owners like George Steinbrenner and promoters like Don King, we should go a little easier on Marge Schott.

Marge Schott
Pity the front-office employees, players and fans who must suffer the indignities inflicted by Reds owner Marge Schott (Heaven Help Marge Schott, May 20). Her bigotry, crudeness, stinginess and abysmal ignorance of the game of baseball are an affront to Queen City residents and to fans everywhere.
TODD MILLER, Pittsburgh

At least with Marge you know where you stand. She is a throwback to another time, when people could have opinions, wrong or right, and were free to express them. Sure, what she says is controversial, but is she truly malicious?

Schott comes across as a brash, mean-spirited tightwad who seems to care little for her players, but she always has been for the fans, who can still afford to go to a Reds game as a family.
MATT MURPHY, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

I believe acting commissioner Bud Selig, players' union head Donald Fehr, Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, the Detroit Tigers and the overall rotten caliber of play in the major leagues today are bigger embarrassments to baseball than Marge Schott will ever be.

Marge Schott was O.K. at the beginning. She built up the Reds and won a World Series, honey. You know that, right? She just went too far.

Buckeye Schedule
I was surprised by your praise for Ohio State's decision to add weak instate opponents Toledo, Cincinnati, Miami of Ohio and Akron to its football schedule (SCORECARD, May 13). Your assessment of this as a generous act by the Buckeyes is Pollyannaish—padding their schedule with patsies is more like it. Add Ohio State to the growing list of college football powerhouses who boost their rankings by pounding the stuffing out of hopelessly overmatched opponents.

I commend athletic director Andy Geiger for his generosity in gradually adding in-state opponents to Ohio State's schedule. He is, however, putting at risk my favorite trivia question: What is the last school from the state of Ohio to defeat Ohio State in football?

The answer—and it has remained the same for the last 75 years—is Oberlin College. The Yeoman beat the Buckeyes 7-6 in 1921, a victory made all the more impressive because the game was played in Columbus.
JON KINGDON, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Dolphins Coaches
I have mixed feelings about your article concerning Jimmy Johnson's rebuilding effort ( Miami Heat, May 13). Like most Dolphins fans, I am excited about the new energy and tougher attitude that Johnson has brought to the organization.

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