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July 08, 1996
On the lingua franca of stadium vendors.
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July 08, 1996

Ice-cold Pop Quiz!

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On the lingua franca of stadium vendors.


a) Still illegal in seven Southern states.
b) The privilege that allows congressmen to send mail free of charge.
c) Stabbing a hot dog with a fork and inserting said sausage in a bun.

2. ROLLERGRILL may be defined as:

a) The dyslexic female superhero who fights crime with Rollerboy.
b) What's left when you strike a Rollerblader with the grille of your '74 Town Car.
c) The stainless-steel concessions-stand cooking device, with rotating metal cylinders, from which hot dogs are forked and franked.

3. In Cleveland, EIGHTY-SIX refers to:

a) Albert Belle's career number of days suspended.
b) Art Modell's IQ.
c) Product depletion at Jacobs Field, where concessions workers might say: "We're eighty-sixed on bratwurst! Fork-and-frank some Polish!"

4. New Yorkers know that SUBWAYS are:

a) Foul subterranean forms of mass transit.
b) Foul submarine-sandwich competition for Blimpie.
c) The occasional meager tips passed along by Yankee Stadium vendors to kitchen workers and other support staff. The sums rarely cover subway fare home.

5. A LOAD is what vendors call:

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