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August 12, 1996
Drew Rosenhaus is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with sports.CRAIG PAULSEN, BURBANK, CALIF.
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August 12, 1996


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Drew Rosenhaus is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with sports.

Drew Rosenhaus
How can you waste paper on scum like Drew Rosenhaus (So, Sue Me!, July 15)? He is the perfect example of what is wrong with the NFL.
DAVID BARBIC, North Vancouver, B.C.

In these times of $100 million contracts and athletes who are so arrogant that they think they are above the law, the last thing I need is a story about some sleazeball sports agent. Drew Rosenhaus has one goal: to squeeze and con as much cash as he can from team owners, who in turn dump their bills on guys like me, Joe Q. Fan, by charging $30 for nosebleed seats and $5 for a glass of warm, flat beer.
SCOTT POPELAR, Indianapolis

Your article indicated that Drew Rosenhaus convinced Robert Massey that he, not I, should be his agent. In retrospect, I should have sued Rosenhaus for tortiously interfering with a signed written contract between me and Massey. In view of my own legal problems at the time, however, I had no stomach for litigation. Also, the article failed to mention that his premier players—Massey, Brian Blades, Michael Irvin, Brett Perriman—came by way of me.

Plus, Rosenhaus is mistaken when he boasts that he got his job by impressing me. On the contrary, I just got tired of him running after my car and begging for a job. He says he is likable, but I don't know anyone who likes him. I tried to. After all, I hired him and treated him like family. For my trouble I got a knife in the back.

Headlines no longer tell us about records broken but about signing bonuses. Slime like Rosenhaus bring out the worst in pro athletes. Astronomical salaries along with commercialism are ruining sports. A touchdown is a home run is a three-pointer is a 40-foot putt. It is not open heart surgery. Pay accordingly.

An agent takes as much as 4% of what his player makes. Wouldn't it be nice to be Rosenhaus right now? All he has to do is sign one player to a $1 million contract and he makes as much as $40,000. And he has 49 players.
MARIO ALIOTO III, Sonoma, Calif.

Maybe reputable agents should establish a national group with a solid code of ethics that would be the only organization recognized by all pro sports. (I can dream, can't I?)
BILL CROWLEY, Needham, Mass.

I feel it is unfair to blame Rosenhaus for the decline of team spirit in pro sports. His job is to make as much money as possible for his clients. It is appropriate, however, to blame our society for promoting the importance of self over the importance of the team. When the desires of the player become more important than team victory, it is a testament to the sickness that pervades society today. Rosenhaus is a symptom of that sickness, not the cause.
CARL MEIER, Stamford, Conn.

Stadium Food
I'll be frank. Steve Rushin's article on stadium cuisine was no dog (Dog Days, July 8). I relished every word. Grill me and I'll make the concession that I've got no beef with the piece. It's far from the wurst I've read. My girlfriend, Barbie Q. Pitt, exclaimed, "Cheez, those other writers have a long way to go to ketchup to Rushin."
KEVIN GAULT, Springfield, Pa.

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