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June 02, 1997
UCLA? No. 1 jock school? Please! The Bruins wear baby blue!SUE THISDELL, GLENDALE, CALIF.
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June 02, 1997


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It is unfair of you to put Georgia's UGA V on your cover without including his relatives at Yale and Mississippi State and the many other colleges that have bulldog mascots. The only thing is, Georgia discriminates, allowing only white bulldogs to serve as its mascot. As a graduate of an Ivy League school represented by a dork in a crimson Puritan's costume, I have had the privilege of observing Handsome Dan doing his thing during halftime of Harvard-Yale football games, and he is obviously the beneficiary of a quality education.
Templeton, Mass.

I beg to differ on your golf course ratings. Seven Oaks, a Robert Trent Jones Jr. course at Colgate, has consistently been rated among the Top 5 collegiate courses by Golf Digest since Colgate hosted the NCAA championships in 1977.
MARC FERTK, East Brunswick, N.J.

You left out one sport—sailing. More than 200 colleges participate in the fall and spring racing seasons. Like other sports, top programs recruit the best sailors coming out of high school.

You are probably right when you say Notre Dame has the most famous fight song, but which school has the best fight song was settled a long time ago when John Philip Sousa, the March King, bestowed that title on Michigan's The Victors.
CHERYL A. PULA, New York Mills, N.Y.

Texas- Arlington the best place to watch basketball? You've got to be kidding. The fans are seated lower than the stage (an awful view). Playing Division I basketball in a place like that should be an embarrassment for the school and the Southland Conference.

As captain of the Stanford women's ski team I would like to correct the impression that we are part of "the embarrassment of riches" that is apparently such a problem at Stanford. In reality every other ski team in the area also has a cabin at Tahoe, including Cal, UC Davis, Chico State and Sierra College. These places are far from chalets, to say the least. Out of our $13,000 budget, $7,000 is raised by members of the team who participate in fund-raising projects throughout the year. We, along with the rest of the club sports, get to do such glamorous jobs as cleaning the stadium after football games to amass money for our sports.
PAGE PERRY, Stanford, Calif.

How can you list Syracuse as one of your top jock schools when it drops varsity wrestling and men's gymnastics in the same year?
JOHN BOVET, Marion, N.Y.

Your mention of the Ohio State band's famous script Ohio formation recalled many memories. The script Ohio was the idea of band director Eugene J. Weigel and was first performed on Oct. 24, 1936, with a trumpet player dotting the i. At a Tuesday-evening practice in the fall of '37, Weigel directed the sousaphone player at the top of the to trade places with the trumpet player. I was that sousaphone player, and I dotted the i in '37, '38, '39 and '40.
GLEN R. JOHNSON, Battle Creek, Mich.

Although I haven't seen the syllabus, UNLV's course on the mathematics of casino games could be a terrific class, for it may well include topics in probability, statistics, decision analysis, optimization theory and plain old finance. Sports and mathematics coexist nicely. We need not belittle either in celebrating the other.
Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Rhode Island College

I enjoyed the Jock School feature, particularly the section in which even smaller schools were celebrated for having a unique or interesting fight song, intramural sport or sports pub. Here's a category that was overlooked: the most unusual team nicknames, like Banana Slugs ( UC Santa Cruz), Rattlers ( Florida A&M), Spiders ( Richmond) and my favorite, the Zips ( Akron). The Zips also have a mascot that's not quite as well known as the Georgia Bulldog: Zippy the Kangaroo.

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