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Paul Zimmerman
November 24, 1997
No, I'm not going to get into a long analysis of which of the three teams sitting atop the NFC Central has the most favorable remaining schedule, because this is meaningless. They've all proved they can beat anybody and lose to anybody. Inconsistency is the watchword for this division, but as Lou Holtz said, "The only people who are consistent are dead people."
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November 24, 1997

Dr. Z's Forecast

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Mustn't forget the Monday-nighter. The Broncos will square things against the Raiders, but what I saw in the K.C. game made me nervous. The Broncos went into a prevent and let Kansas City come back, after they'd about won the thing with a minute to go. They played ho-hum percentage football. I expected better from them. Denver- Oakland is a formula pick, though. Too much offense against not enough defense.

One more formula pick. I like the Redskins over the Giants in Washington. It won't be easy. New York will gang up on Terry Allen and put the game in the hands of Gus Frerotte and his wideout corps, now minus Leslie Shepherd, who's out for the year with a dislocated left wrist. Why do the officials drop the flag when a guy merely breathes hard on a quarterback and call nothing for a blatant cheap shot, like the one Cowboys defensive back Omar Stoutmire put on Shepherd after a second-quarter pass had fallen incomplete? Beats me.

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