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Gary Van Sickle
December 08, 1997
Thanks to Tiger Woods and friends, 1997 will be remembered as the year golf went mainstream
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December 08, 1997

Boom Time

Thanks to Tiger Woods and friends, 1997 will be remembered as the year golf went mainstream

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What, No Relish?
A prank by a country club employee in Walkersville, Md., could prove costly. When a friend stopped at the snack bar for refreshments, the employee handed his pal a hot dog that was actually a mustard-covered mouse in a bun. The buddy took a bite, discovered the mouse and—yuck, yuck—filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the club.

But Your Honor, I Was With a Client
A Tennessee man, sentenced to six months in a work-release program after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide, was hauled into court when the judge saw his name in the paper in the results from a local golf tournament. The man served the remainder of his sentence in jail.

The President's Trip
Where were you when Hacker One went down? President Clinton visited Greg Norman's estate in Hobe Sound, Fla., the night before they were to play in a member-guest tournament. On the way out of Norman's house, at about 1 a.m., Clinton caught his heel on a step, tripped and tore a tendon in his right knee. Norman caught him as he fell. The injury required surgery, kept Clinton off the links for four months and drew worldwide attention. As he was loaded aboard Air Force One the next day, Clinton joked, "My handicap is going up."

Back to You in the Booth, Giff
The dumbest question a reporter asked Woods this year: "Is there a chance you'll play another sport?" Woods's answer: "Is sleeping a sport?"

That's Not Why You Stink
Rock musician Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, after seeing a scoreboard at a celebrity tournament with his handicap posted next to his name: "I stink. It was almost as high as my age."

No Word Yet on Callaway's Offer to Buy NASA
During a recent mission by the space shuttle Columbia, astronauts ran tests on zirconium-based alloys. "The findings may be used to improve sporting-goods products, such as golf clubs," said NASA scientist Jan Rogers.

So Who's Really the Best Man?
Comedian Bill Murray, playing in the pro-am at the Kapalua International, ducked into a church between the 2nd and 3rd holes during his round, interrupted a wedding, kissed the bride and told the groom, "Here, I warmed her up for you."

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