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The Week in TV Sports
John Walters
May 11, 1998
Saturday 5/9
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May 11, 1998

The Week In Tv Sports

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Saturday 5/9

Pacers at Knicks
In He Got Game, the new film from Madison Square Garden regular Spike Lee, the hoops hero is burdened with the name of Jesus. Then again, in a sport that has given us Moses (Malone), Isiah (Thomas) and Sampson (Ralph), what's so odd about that? Biblically speaking, if Knicks center Patrick Ewing appears on-court at the Garden in today's Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semis for the first time since breaking his right wrist last Dec. 20, he should be rechristened Lazarus. Indiana guard Mark Jackson, a former Knick, is the prodigal son, while his tongue-flappin' teammate Reggie Miller is—to many New Yorkers—the Pacers' pompous pilot.
NBC, 1 PM GAME 4, SUNDAY, 12:30 PM

Sunday 5/10

Iceland at U.S.
Last week Mattel announced that it plans to introduce a soccer Barbie (appropriately garbed) to coincide with the 1999 Women's World Cup. Though the prototype Barbie bears a striking resemblance to U.S. Olympic distance runner Suzy Hamilton, the soccer Barbie's spokesperson will be sinewy goal scorer Mia Hamm. The pert star of America's 1996 Olympic championship team, Hamm celebrated her 26th birthday on March 17 with a hat trick during a 4-1 defeat of China. Today's tussle in Bethlehem, Pa., will be the 11th international match of the year for the dominant U.S. women, who at week's end were 7-1-1 and had outscored opponents 27-6.

Sonics at Lakers
Yo, GP (alias Gary Payton), top dog of the Fun Police, before you take the court at the Forum for Game 4 of your Western Conference semifinals (the middle game of an NBC playoff triple-header), some advice: 1) Deputize Hersey Hawkins (far left). Your backcourt mate scored 48 points in the Sonics' final two victories in the first round against the Timberwolves. 2) Put out an APB on "starting" center Jim McIlvaine, who played seven minutes in five games against Minnesota. Big Mac, to use your words, must "come strong or don't come at all" against L.A.'s Shaqzilla O'Neal.

CART Rio 400
Although he's only 23, Greg Moore (left) has come a long way from the 16-year-old who flunked his driving test by making an illegal left turn. (Left is the only way he can turn today on the 1.864-mile-oval.) A native of Maple Ridge, B.C., Moore has second-, third-and fourth-place finishes this year en route to 51 points and the CART series lead at week's end. In March, Moore became the youngest driver in CART history to earn a pole position at the Grand Prix of Miami. After falling to last place during that race because of engine problems in his Mercedes-Reynard, he roared back to finish second.
ABC, 3:30 PM

Thursday 5/14

Rangers at Yankees
How will the folks at the Field of Beams commemorate tonight's Seinfeld finale? A few Costanza-inspired suggestions: Dress players in 100% cotton uniforms; free calzones to the first thousand fans; ask general manager Brian Cashman to streak in a flesh-toned bodysuit. The Bronx Bombers' season already has been flush with Jerry-built plotlines. Shortstop Derek Jeter (left) is dating Mariah Carey. And heavy objects (remember the episode in which a pooch is crushed by an air conditioner?) are falling from above. Through it all, the Yankees (20-6 at week's end) were masters of their American League East domain. Heavy-hitting Texas (19-10) was king of the West castle, thanks in part to outfielder Juan Gonzalez (36 RBIs).
WPIX, 7:30 PM