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June 01, 1998
The words athlete and role model are drifting further and further apart.—ANDREW THOMPSON, Richmond
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June 01, 1998


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Shame on you for putting Khalid Minor on your cover. Not only does he have to grow up without having his father around, but he'll also be branded as the poster child for illegitimate children.

My opinion of Larry Bird, heretofore very high, plummeted when I read that he ignored his daughter for two decades, despite knowing of her strong desire to have a relationship with him.
RANDALL SCHAU, Portage, Mich.

Bird fathered his first child during a failed reconciliation with his first wife after their divorce. Such circumstances are worlds removed from the degeneracy of the other athletes in your article.
ANDREW A. McALEER, Greenwich, Conn.

Many of these players were themselves born out of wedlock or abandoned by their fathers early in life. Larry Johnson was raised without a father, as was Shawn Kemp. Larry Bird's father was an alcoholic who committed suicide when Bird was a teenager. This is not meant as an excuse but as a reminder of how much more education is needed to prevent men like these from perpetuating the absent-father cycle.

Minor's Minors
I think the saddest picture was of the three proof-of-paternity certificates displayed as prized possessions in Celeste Rowan's home next to pictures of Greg Minor's children. (The middle child, Greg Jr., is shown above, holding photos in which his father appears.)
DENNIS THOMPSON, Wellington, Fla.

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