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July 13, 1998
I'm a lot sicker of Jordan and the Bulls than Rick Reilly is. I'm megasick.—JANICE C. JEFFERY, Nordland, Wash.
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July 13, 1998


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Rick Reilly writes a nine-page article about the fate of the Chicago Bulls and the cross of popularity Michael Jordan bears (Last Call? May 11), and then a month later has the gall to say that he's sick of all the hoopla about Chicago and that he is tired of seeing Jordan everywhere?
FRED C. LEONARD, Rockville, Md.

It's time to send Rick Reilly on vacation. I hear Chicago is nice.

Maybe Rick Reilly should watch the games with his eyes open.

Isn't it ironic that Reilly's column on how sick he is of the Bulls is in an issue with yet another cover picture of Michael Jordan?
MARY LOU HUBISZ, Harker Heights, Texas

Any sportswriter who just can't wait to rid himself of the annoying brilliance of Michael Jordan so that the likes of Latrell Sprewell, Chris Webber and Isaiah Rider can usher in a new and glorious era of prison-league basketball, is more of a buffoon than Dennis Rodman.
ANTHONY LUCIDO, Harrisburg, Pa.

Thank you Rick Reilly for finally telling it like it is. I finally realized that the NBA is nothing more than NBC's and David Stern's version of The Truman Show starring Michael Jordan.

Your article on RBIs proved to me once again why Lou Gehrig was the best ever (Feasting on Rib-eyes, June 15). Gehrig set the American League mark in 1931 with 184 RBIs. Ruth, who batted just ahead of Gehrig, drove in 163. It's tough to get an RBI if you come to bat with no one on base. In his second-best season, 1927, Gehrig drove in 175, and at least 60 times that year he came up with no one on after Ruth had hit a home run. How many RBIs would Juan Gonzalez or Mark McGwire get under those circumstances?
THOMAS DUDGEON, Pinellas Park, Fla.

French Open
Bravo for the talent and sportsmanship of Arantxa S�nchez Vicario and Monica Seles (Grand Dame, June 15). Never have I been so happy to see four players sent packing from a tournament as I was when Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova and Venus and Serena Williams lost at the French Open. These arrogant teenagers repeatedly embarrass themselves and their sport. Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Seles never conducted themselves the way the Brat Pack has in the past year.

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