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September 21, 1998
College Football A Roll (out) Model
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September 21, 1998


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In the 3½ hours following McGwire's home run, QVC says it took orders for more than 100,000 items of 62nd homer commemorative merchandise, bringing in more than $2.6 million.

Red Sox Red Cap

Tom Gordon of the Boston Red Sox was so convinced that fellow reliever and teammate Jim Corsi was overstating his closeness to McGwire that he said he'd carry Corsi's bags if McGwire mentioned Corsi during his post-62 press conference. True to a pledge he had made, McGwire worked Corsi into his comments.

Hi, could I speak to Mr. Sewsa?

Mark McGuire, of St. Charles, a St. Louis suburb, received countless telephone calls for interviews, including one from a prisoner who called collect.

Mark Overseas, Part 1

Asked Australia's Sydney Telegraph: Is Mark McGwire the greatest sportsman ever?

Mark Overseas, Part 2

Wrote Germany's Frankfurter Rundschau: "In this hour nobody was interested in the fact that the fans were applauding a doping sinner."

Mark Overseas, Part 3

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