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October 12, 1998
Dan Quisenberry (1953-1998) An Inquizitive Spirit
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October 12, 1998


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Dan Quisenberry (1953-1998)
An Inquizitive Spirit

Cancer has been too much in the baseball news of late. Last Saturday Darryl Strawberry of the New York Yankees underwent surgery to remove a malignant, walnut-sized tumor from his colon. Joel Stephens, a 22-year-old outfielder in the Baltimore Orioles organization, died of colon cancer on Sept. 30. On the same day former Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Dan Quisenberry lost a nine-month bat-de with brain cancer at age 45.

Several factors—early detection; his age, 36; his excellent physical condition—make it quite possible that Strawberry will return to baseball, just as his childhood friend Eric Davis did, three months after the removal of a malignant colon tumor. Strawberry can draw inspiration from the brave battle fought by Quisenberry, who, though weakened, stood in Kauffman Stadium on May 30 and heard waves of applause as he was inducted into the Royals Hall of Fame.

Quiz is remembered for his quirky, submarine delivery and for his clutch pitching that helped the Royals win two pennants and the 1985 World Series. But mostly he is remembered as a man of words, a man with a lightning-quick mind whose thrust and parry with reporters marked his 12-year career. That's how we remember him here.

On his Royals contract: "It has guarantees until the year 2020, or until the last Rocky movie is made."

On his cordial treatment of the press: "I think Christ would do it that way. Or Steve Garvey."

On his refusal to use the phrase "God's will": "God is concerned with hungry people and justice, not my saves."

On his not wanting to be famous. "I want to be the same guy I was when I came to the big leagues. German Barranca."

On his hobbies: "Tinfoil chewing."

On his favorite thing about baseball: "No homework."

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