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October 19, 1998
It's not about race, it's about who gets there first. McGwire got there first. End of story.—Mike Toto, Los Angeles
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October 19, 1998


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Three Cheers for JoePa
I realize attention has been focused on the record-breaking events in baseball, but that does not excuse the oversight in your Sept. 21 issue. Brief mentions in Wish List and Hot List were all you felt necessary to mark Joe Paterno's 300th victory? Shame on you.
Debbie Moreland, Beckley, W.Va.

Different Stroke
After reading S.L. Price's article on this year's U.S. Open (Standing Tall, Sept. 21), I don't understand why you didn't put America's Lindsay Davenport on the cover holding the trophy over her head. She displayed class in an era filled with egocentric adolescents.
Steve Nudo, Omaha

Be True to Your School?
Your article on Miami Senior High's illegal recruitment of basketball players was right on (SCORECARD, Sept. 21). It is no surprise that Miami Senior has won most of the Class 6A titles over the past decade.
Glenn Brancart, Winter Park, Fla.

As a sophomore at Benedictine High in Cleveland, I drive 45 minutes to and from school each day. One of the main reasons I do is that Benedictine has so much to offer in sports. You shouldn't criticize students who want to improve their chances for a college scholarship.
Jon Detwiler, Burton, Ohio

Who's No. 1?
Compared with Boston College's 41-39 win in the last five seconds of its 1993 game with Notre Dame (above), which you chose as your No. 3 upset, N.C. State's recent victory over Florida State, your No. 1 upset, was a poor imitation.
Kerry J. Byrne, Boston

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