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The 50 Reasons why College BASKETBALL IS BETTER Than Pro BASKETBALL
Steve Rushin
November 23, 1998
Got the NBA lockout blues? Relax, and let us count the ways that the college game is superior
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November 23, 1998

The 50 Reasons Why College Basketball Is Better Than Pro Basketball

Got the NBA lockout blues? Relax, and let us count the ways that the college game is superior

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Reasons 23-27:

College is

The NBA is

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Ralph Sampson

Ralph Sampson

It's after midnight, and it's your third TV game of the night, but still you watch. New Mexico or New Mexico State is playing Cal State-Somebody, and you can't turn it off. The NBA represents—or should represent—the evolutionary apex of this sport, but you wouldn't be sitting there, bleary-eyed, if it were the Clippers playing the Kings. Why is that? Why do so many hoops fans swear by the colleges and swear at the pros? Here are the reasons why.

1 College Basketball has no labor problems and always begins its season on time. The NBA is in a protracted lockout, its players unwilling to accept a "hard cap." College players actually want a hard cap: It's called a mortarboard, and you get one at graduation.

2 In College, arena names pay homage to classy coaches (Dean Smith Center, John Kresse Arena). In the pros arena names pay homage to coach class (Continental Airlines Arena, Delta Center, United Center).

3 The NCAA has a no-woofing rule that forbids trash talk. In the NBA dunks are punctuated by crotch grabbing and soliloquies barked into the baseline camera.

4 There's no Ahmad Rashad in the college game.

5 In College players travel with their homework. In the pros players travel with their posse.

6 Correction: The pros don't travel at all. Traveling is never called in the NBA. How else do you explain Allen Iverson?

7 In the NCAAS seniors weep like babies when they lose. In the pros loser players whine like babies all the time.

8 P.J. Carlesimo at Seton Hall; P.J. Carlesimo at Golden State.

9 At Indiana State, Larry Bird ruled. The pros have the Larry Bird Rule.

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