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December 07, 1998
Many college athletes have been tempted but haven't accepted offers from slimy characters. Whatever jail time Stevin (Hedake) Smith receives, he deserves.—Tabitha L. Cutrell, Hot Springs, Ark.
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December 07, 1998


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Target Practice
Rick Reilly hit the nail on the head with his column about the Peterbilt and the NBA labor disputes (LIFE OF REILLY, Nov. 9). Not only do the players have no idea what real life is, but also they are clueless about the fact that many of us who ultimately provide them with their "hangin' around money" no longer care if they come back to play.
Les Kernan, Macedon, N.Y.

We try to teach our children to be thankful for what they have and to understand that we are blessed beyond measure. We are keeping them away from the news about the NBA negotiations because we don't want them influenced by the whining.
Tammy Barber, Boone, N.C.

Reilly is grasping at straws here. Why shouldn't the players demand all this money? Without them, there is no league.
Mark Flood, Athens, Ontario

A little advice to poor Kenny Anderson: I substitute teach during the day and work at FedEx in the evening to make ends meet. If things are getting tight there in fantasyland, join me in the real world and get another job.
Brian Manning, Erie, Pa.

Go with the Flo
Peter King's list of 10 of the top young players who have risen to prominence in the first half of the season failed to mention Flozell Adams (76, above) of the Dallas Cowboys (Smart Money, Nov. 9). Adams, a rookie, has been starting in place of injured veteran Everett MeIver at guard, a position he didn't play until this season, on one of the best offensive lines in football. Adams is a future Pro Bowl player.
Mike Freyberger, Columbus, Ga.

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