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Locked In with NBA Players
Rick Reilly
December 21, 1998
I'll take a few questions now. Yes?
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December 21, 1998

Locked In With Nba Players

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A: Yes, it's true, but, philosophically, can any jumper truly be considered "wide open" when you're being guarded by a Colombian living legend?

Q: I heard you blew an alley-oop pass, too.

A: O.K., Shaq made this great block and fired an outlet to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a teammate streaking toward the hoop. Now, in my usual game at the Y, we do not get a lot of chances to throw alley-oops. Dr. Manny Glickstein, the urologist, generally can't get that high, and certainly not Father Casey. So, I thought, why not? I lofted a perfect pass only to find that the streaking player was the Jazz's Chris Morris, who, while a wonderful shooter, would not be considered a leaper in a herd of elephants. He couldn't quite reach my pass and instead only batted it off the glass with his fingertips.

Q: You airmailed the poor guy.

A: Yes. So now the ball is loose, right? What do I do? I swoop in, rebound it, blow past Timberwolves guard Stephon Marbury like he's a YIELD sign and kiss it sweetly off the glass for two.

Q: You blew past Stephon Marbury.

A: Yes, in the sense that he was sitting in a chair under the basket support. Still, the fact remains, my career NBA lockout line reads: 10 minutes played, .500 shooting percentage and one rebound. Plus, I outscored Shaq, who had zero points during my stint.

Q: I'm not surprised, with you as his point guard. Did you guys talk?

A: I did tell him once, "Next time down, gimme the pill and run an iso for me." He did not laugh.

Q: So, did you win?

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