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Locked In with NBA Players
Rick Reilly
December 21, 1998
I'll take a few questions now. Yes?
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December 21, 1998

Locked In With Nba Players

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A: Well, we were behind 8-4 when I was taken out, but it does not go down as a loss, officially.

Q: So, just to recap, you had Shaquille O'Neal and three other NBA stars as teammates in a pickup game, but you lost to a team led by a man named Ramone Veal. Would you agree this ranks as the lowest moment in this godforsaken NBA year?

A: Absolutely, but afterward, Shaq paid me the ultimate compliment, saying, "Well, at least you're better than Elden Campbell."

Q: I'm outta here.

A: I'm not sure he was kidding.

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