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Austin Murphy
February 12, 1999
The Virgin Islands, discovered by Columbus in 1493, were named in honor of Saint Ursula, a ninth-century martyr who supposedly rounded up 11,000 virgins for a pilgrimage to Rome and was killed by Huns on her return trip. That expedition was the largest gathering of virgins on record until a Star Trek convention in Indianapolis in 1997.
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February 12, 1999

The Not So Virgin Islands

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[1]Catchphrase for eponymous TV show: "Da plane! Da plane!" Catchphrase for Heidi's photo shoot: "Da Bod! Da Bod!"
[2]Subtle subtext? Satyr: 1) half-man/half-goat Greek god of revelry; 2) a lecherous man.
[3]There's no such thing as overexposure for these models.
[4]Branson has learned that what goes up must come down...hard.
[5]Philosopher known for seminal existential work Being and Nothingness, which would be a great title for our body-painting photos.
[6]a.k.a. Hans Across the Water.
[7]On our cover, but "off the market"—she recently married sitcom star John Stamos.
[8]Also, when General Hospital airs.
[9]Their coats of many colors are all makeup.
[10]Not something you really want to see in a swimsuit issue. In hindsight, we're not sure why we highlighted it.
[11]Also known as "getting Bomba'd."
[12]The Shack's owner swaps libations for lingerie.
[13]Or, yon could do the mambo—you'll get a lot more exercise.

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