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February 22, 1999
Do columnists get mulligans? If they did, I'd be the first to toss another Titleist to Reilly.—Dave Bayless, Chicago
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February 22, 1999


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Finally, someone who does not think Jordan is the answer to all the world's problems. Way to go!
Peter Fleury, Atlanta

As usual, Reilly is right on. Michael was a great player, but in his own mind he became bigger than the game.
John Foran, Boca Raton, Fla.

If Michael Jordan really cared about basketball, he would have proved it to the few remaining NBA fans by playing for free this season.
Jason Emery, Annandale, N.J.

When fans think of Mark McGwire, they think of a great slugger who off the field cares about child abuse. When fans think of Jordan, they think of a great basketball player who off the court sells Nikes.
Mark Hartlaub, Corpus Christi

I am not going to miss those long strolls Jordan took on his way to the hoop. I won't miss those silly fouls called on anyone in the same zip code as he. The only thing more amazing than Jordan's athletic gifts was his ability to bully the entire NBA.
Alex Kaseberg, San Diego

Sharing Some Cold Ones
Thanks for the great article on Darin Erstad and Rick Helling (Chillin' Out, Jan. 18). My brother still brags about getting a hit off Helling in Babe Ruth baseball. I may live somewhere else, but North Dakota will always be home.
Lynn Johnson, Annapolis, Md.

In an era of NBA lockouts, trash talk and drug use, it was great to read that Erstad and Helling are having a good time eating their steaks, drinking their soda and reliving sunny American Legion days.
Warren Bull, Modesto, Calif.

A big grin crossed my face when I saw the picture of Helling and Erstad ice fishing on Prairie Lake. As a native of Minot, I'm glad you showed that North Dakota produces something other than snow.
Wayne Yeung, Sunnyvale, Calif.

We're Not Like Mike
It is absurd for Richard Hoffer to equate the everyday failings of the vast majority of the population with the horrific acts that Mike Tyson has committed (Haunted, Jan. 18). If Hoffer is right, heaven help us all.
Randolph Pritchard, Raleigh, N.C.

Delivering the Heat
Bill Conlin and the other five members of the Baseball Writers Association of America who did not vote for Nolan Ryan on the first ballot to enter the Hall of Fame (SCORECARD, Jan. 18) should have their voting privileges revoked.
John Baranowski, Springdale, Pa.

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