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February 22, 1999
Do columnists get mulligans? If they did, I'd be the first to toss another Titleist to Reilly.—Dave Bayless, Chicago
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February 22, 1999


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Do columnists get mulligans? If they did, I'd be the first to toss another Titleist to Reilly.
—Dave Bayless, Chicago

Attention Getter
Let's wait before we anoint Randy Moss the greatest receiver of all time (Moss Appeal, Jan. 18). Let's see if he makes it through his first off-season without getting in trouble. Let's see if he continues to produce over a number of seasons the way Jerry Rice has. Then we can visit the subject again.
Dan Sherwood, Netcong, N.J.

Moss is Jordanesque? What the hell does that mean? They don't even play the same sport.
Albert Whitlock, Annapolis, Md.

Moss is the NFL's Jordan? Moss will be the NFL's Mike Tyson.
David A. Carzoli, Itasca, Ill.

I'm tired of hearing about the 19 teams afraid to draft Randy Moss because of his "cloudy past." Isn't it possible some of those teams had needs other than a wide receiver?
Tim Zillig, Hiawatha, Iowa

Reilly on Jordan
Rick Reilly's rantings (No Time to Be an Airhead, Jan. 18) are not only abusive and idiotic, but they also are so one-sided as to be comical. Michael Jordan has always been a class act. Who do you think put the NBA on the world sports map?
Steve Thorwald, LaVerne, Calif.

Michael Jordan does not owe anything to Jerry Reinsdorf, Scottie Pippen, NBC or anybody else Reilly mentioned.
Greg Yuziuk, Burnsville, N.C.

Isn't it amazing that SI has writers who continue to take potshots at the man who sells millions of magazines every year?
David Allen, River Falls, Wis.

I understand why you leave Reilly's article for the last page. If it had been on page 5, I wouldn't have gone any further.
DiAnne S. Boyd, Danville, Ill.

The rest of the world, apparently unrecognized by you, loved watching Michael Jordan, especially when the odds were stacked against him. I think he deserved as much time as he wanted to consider retirement.
Dusty Pope, Rock Hill, S.C.

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