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March 01, 1999
If the NBA wants to honor Michael Jordan, the shot clock should be changed from 24 seconds to 23.—Kevin Burke, Statesboro, Ga.
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March 01, 1999


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If the NBA wants to honor Michael Jordan, the shot clock should be changed from 24 seconds to 23.
—Kevin Burke, Statesboro, Ga.

Encomiums for Michael
Congratulations to Jack McCallum for his article on Michael Jordan's retirement (Indelible Impression, Jan. 25). The piece was short and sweet and captured the career of one of the best players that the NBA has seen. Jordan's absence will be felt in the league for seasons to come.
Scott Jackson, London, Ont.

It would be easy to remember Jordan simply as an incredibly talented athlete who appeared to defy the law of gravity. He should also be remembered, however, as a determined competitor with an unparalleled work ethic, who did whatever it took to win.
David Olson, Los Angeles

In Search of a Successor
In the article Do It, for the Love of Mike (Jan. 25), Phil Taylor listed several young players on whom the NBA can build its future. Grant Hill deserved to be one of them. He should have been listed higher than the greedy Shaquille O'Neal or the troublesome Allen Iverson. Hill has skills on the court. More important, he acts with integrity off it.
Ryan Hathaway, Ludington, Mich.

For the millions of us who are neither Bulls fans nor retail merchandisers, Saint Michael's ascension merely generated a shrug. He was a wonderful entertainer and an even better marketing icon, but there are others who will fill those roles. Let's move on. The next Best of All Time is right around the corner.
J.C. Wilson, Los Angeles

Come Again, Isiah?
The article about the NBA in the post-Jordan era was on the money. I had to laugh, though, at Isiah Thomas's statement that " Jordan was the last of the gunslingers of the '80s. There was Bird, Magic, me and Michael." Comical, simply comical. Perhaps that's why he always had that smile on his face. Thomas is delusional, putting himself on the level of, arguably, the three greatest players of all time.
Thomas Miller, Newark

Most of my memories of Isiah are of him hitting players in the back of the head during fights on the court.
Brian King, Middleboro, Mass.

Tugging on Heartstrings
What a touching article by Rick Reilly on the related subjects of losing one's mother and second chances (LIFE OF REILLY, Jan. 25). Fortunately, losing a mother is something we only have to do once. For all of us who have already lost our moms, thanks for the reminder and the tear, Rick.
John Selzer, Overland Park, Kans.

What I thought was going to be a cute little piece of Super Bowl hype ended up reaching deep inside to tug on my heartstrings. I cannot imagine a more loving or appropriate tribute to the mother of a sports columnist.
Peter Kikta, Brazil, Ind.

Mike Tyson
While I was shocked by Judge Stephen Johnson's sentence of Mike Tyson (SCORECARD, Feb. 15), at no point did I claim to you that Montgomery County prosecutor Douglas Gansler reneged on a pretrial agreement that would not send Mr. Tyson to jail. I never alleged double-dealing or false intentions by the prosecutor. I can only control what I say, not what outside opinion says on this matter.
Shelly Finkel, New York City
Shelly Finkel Management
Boxing Adviser to Mike Tyson

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