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Peter King
March 29, 1999
Worth the RiskThe self-centered Jeff George is too talented to be unemployed
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March 29, 1999

The Nfl

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Seahawks general manager- coach Mike Holmgren, skittish about Jon Kitna, has worked out Todd Marinovich and Chris Miller, who have been out of the league for six and three years, respectively. Steinberg's office even called Seattle, saying George would play there for the minimum. Don't call us, we'll call you, said the Seahawks, who instead traded a seventh-round pick for Jets reject Glenn Foley last Friday.

"Jeff is an enigma," says Holmgren. "You don't know why, but it's never happened for him. I'm trying to build a program, and Jeff's not the type of leader you're going to bring in to help in the locker room or to develop a young quarterback. He's not young enough to be your quarterback of the future."

He is, however, talented enough to bring in at least as a backup. The Vikings have an interest in George at a low salary. The Chiefs and the Dolphins should take a look at him, too. If and when some team signs George, it could end up with the best bargain of the off-season.

Video Redux
Replay's Replay Is No Cure-all

Here's something to consider in the wake of the return of instant replay, by a 28-3 vote of owners last week: Of the four bad calls that were generally regarded as the most damaging in '98, the challenge system that will take effect next fall would have reversed only two. They would have been the last-minute, fourth-down catch by Patriots wideout Shawn Jefferson that was actually out-of-bounds and the fourth-down scoring run by the Jets' Vinny Testaverde, who really didn't cross the goal line. The blown calls gave New England a win over Buffalo and New York a victory over Seattle.

But the other two horrendous calls would have stood. The incorrect pass-interference call on the Hail Mary throw in the same New England-Buffalo game would not have been reviewable because it was a judgment call. In the last minute of the 49ers' wild-card win over the Packers, officials ruled that the play had been blown dead before Jerry Rice fumbled—another call that cannot be reversed.

No Suitors For Webb

Even though he slapped the franchise tag on Richmond Webb to avoid losing the would-be free agent without compensation, Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson has never been a huge fan of the 33-year-old left tackle. Now Johnson is finding that no one else wants to make Webb a $3.5-million-a-year player....

Absurdity of the Week: The 49ers asked the Seahawks for a second-round pick and an undisclosed player in exchange for backup quarterback Jim Druckenmiller, a disappointment since being selected in the first round of the '97 draft....

Patriots coach Pete Carroll on the future of running back Robert Edwards, who suffered severe nerve and ligament damage to his left knee in a beach flag-football game for rookies during Pro Bowl week: "If he makes it back, it will be miraculous."

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