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April 05, 1999
Sarajevo 2010?Collateral Damage
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April 05, 1999


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The Gore Campaign

With Jordan, Pippen and Rodman gone, NBA teams are finally exacting revenge on the Bulls for years of frustration. These are some of the team marks for futility against Chicago that have fallen or can fall this year.




Snapped 12-game losing streak against Bulls with 91-83 victory; won season series for first time since 1994-95


Snapped eight-game United Center losing streak with 89-85 victory


Snapped seven-game United Center losing streak with 87-71 win; beat Chicago three times in a season for first time since 1988-89


Achieved franchise bests against Bulls with 57.1% shooting and 29-point victory margin in 110-81 win


Halted four-game losing streak to Bulls with 73-68 victory; held Chicago to its lowest score against New York in 79-63 win


Seeking first series win since 1994-95; leads 1-0 Ajfl with two games to play


Seeking first series win since 1989-90; lead 1-0 with two games to play


Ended string of 18 straight losses in Chicago with 108-78 pounding of Bulls


Won in Chicago for first time ever


Snapped 10-game losing streak in Chicago with 98-80 victory; won season series for first time since 1990-91


Won in Chicago for first time since January 1995; clinched season series for first time since 1994-95


Ended six-game losing streak against Bulls with 89-76 victory


Seeking first series win since 1985-86; lead 1-0 with two games to play

Sarajevo 2010?
Collateral Damage

As NATO war-planes roared over Serbia and Kosovo, the shock waves reached nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tuesday was to have marked the re-birth of Sarajevo's Zetra arena, site of the figure skating and hockey competitions at the 1984 Winter Olympics, with a skating event featuring Olympic champions Katarina Witt and Alexei Urmanov. NATO's bombing of targets in Yugoslavia put on hold not only Zetra's reopening but also Sarajevo's announcement of its bid for the 2010 Winter Games.

Sarajevans had hoped the reconstruction of Zetra would be another step in their reentry into the international sports community. The IOC contributed $11.5 million to the rebuilding of the arena, which sustained heavy damage from Bosnian Serb shelling in the '92 to '95 war. During that conflict, Zetra was used by the U.N. and relief agencies to store food and medicine, and the adjacent soccer field became a cemetery. Other '84 Olympic venues are in various states of disrepair and under the control of rival ethnic and political groups.

On the site of the 1984 Nordic skiing events, Mount Igman, which Serbian troops turned into an artillery position, signs warn skiers that lift stops may be surrounded by mines. The bobsled run on Mount Trebevic starts in Serb-controlled territory but finishes on land that was ceded to Bosnian Muslim-Croat factions as part of the 1995 Dayton peace accord. The run is pocked with mortar craters and littered with pieces of destroyed cable cars.

Only the site of women's Alpine skiing, Jahorina, now controlled by Serbs, was relatively untouched. Some entrepreneurs have tried to reopen Jahorina as a public ski area, but most skiers from the valley below are Croats and Muslims, and they have stayed away because Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic lives nearby, and his army chief, Gen. Ratko Mladic, is known to ski there with teams of ill-tempered bodyguards.

Bosnian Olympic Committee president Bogic Bogicevic says the Olympic facilities haven't been affected by the fighting in Kosovo and Serbia and that Bosnia will announce its candidacy for 2010 when Zetra finally does reopen after tensions subside. "This will not last long," says Bogicevic of the current crisis. "We have 11 years to prepare for the Games. The Olympics bring people together. Giving Sarajevo a chance to organize the Games would contribute greatly to the stabilization of this country and the whole region." Adds BOC general secretary Sijdalinja Mustafic, "The dream is the last tiling to die. Our dream lives."

Indiana Melee
Rumble in Bloomington

On Sunday, Indiana junior cornerback Curtis Randle El showed up at the second day of the Hoosiers' spring football practice. Hardly remarkable—except that six days earlier he had been standing outside an off-campus apartment house with his guts spilling out of his stomach. Randle El, an Indiana starter and older brother of Hoosiers quarter-back Antwaan Randle El, had been stabbed in the abdomen during a brawl between several members of the football team and a group of fraternity brothers.

According to Bloomington police, the March 22 incident—which may have been brewing since a hotly contested basketball game several weeks before—began when Phi Beta Sigma fraternity member Dante Wilson struck wide receiver Tyrone Browning in the head during an argument. Shortly afterward Browning and his roommate, wideout Levron Williams, along with another unidentified football player, went to the apartment building where Wilson and some other members of his fraternity live. The three scuffled with Phi Beta Sigma member Richard Gilliam, who struck Browning on the head with a baseball bat. The players left, but minutes later defensive tackle Damian Gregory showed up wearing a football helmet and making threats. That evening, outside the same building, as many as two dozen Heaps combatants from the football team and the fraternity brawled in front of 200 onlookers.

Curtis Randle El says he was on his way home from studying when he saw the unruly crowd, stopped his car and tried unsuccessfully to calm things down. Police say that during the ensuing melee Gilliam, brandishing a knife with a six-inch-long blade and brass knuckles for a handle, stabbed Randle El in the abdomen, opening a gash through which his intestines began to spill. "It happened real fast—just boom, boom, boom, and everyone was running," Randle El says. Gilliam told police that Randle El had come at him in an aggressive manner. A friend rushed Randle El to Bloomington Hospital, where his gallbladder was removed.

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