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May 03, 1999
My wish for Kevin Brown is that his ERA will balloon to match his salary.—JIM O'ROARK, Beaver Falls, Pa.
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May 03, 1999


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Love It or Leave It
Gene Sauers's complaints about life on the Nike tour brought a tear to my eye (MY SHOT, March 29). I can only imagine the horror of playing golf every day without the benefit of a locker room to change my shoes in or actually paying for the food I eat in the clubhouse. And the idea of players' not receiving courtesy cars sends a chill down my spine. The money I had earmarked for the March of Dimes will now be rerouted to the Nike tour players.

It saddened me to see the attitude of entitlement Sauers espoused. The talent level of Nike tour players is nowhere near 99% of that displayed on the PGA Tour. What will the mediocre think of next: that the purse money should be skewed toward them because the superstars make all the endorsement money?

Perhaps Sauers's negative attitude explains why he has spent so much time on the Nike tour.
RICHARD K. CHARLTON, Pawleys Island, S.C.

Instead of whining about being disturbed by spectators, he ought to be darn happy there are any spectators.
MARK MILLER, Decatur, Ind.

Back to the Futures
Thank you for the article about the Futures tour (The Futures Is Now, March 22). It's great that the tour finally gained a corporate sponsor and long-overdue recognition. The tour has stopped here in Lima, at the Lost Creek Country Club, for the last five years. The Greater Lima Futures Open has generated more than $70,000 for the foundations of the two area hospitals, St. Rita's Medical Center and Lima Memorial Hospital.
Treasurer, Greater Lima Charitable Foundation
DBA Greater Lima Futures Open
Cridersville, Ohio

Not Overexposed Yet
Am I glad I read Jeff MacGregor's column on the oversaturation of sports on television (SI VIEW, March 29) over lunch today! If he hadn't reminded me of my own obsession, I'd have forgotten to record the Orlando-Cleveland NBA game tonight, which is taking place during my second Softball game of the season. Thanks again, Jeff, for reminding us how nice it is to see these games, while you grouse over the absence of Westerns in your TV listings.
TORRE GRISSOM, Tallahassee, Fla.

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