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May 31, 1999
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May 31, 1999


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Father at Fenway in 2003 (drinking an overpriced beer): "You can't believe how many times that wall in the old ballpark broke my heart."

Son (eating an overpriced hot dog, waving an overpriced pennant): "Just like the wall here breaks my heart. Right, Dad?"

Father (slipping his bank card into his seat-mounted ATM one more time): "You betcha."

Cheers to the new Fenway. Tradition must be maintained. At any price.
Leigh Montville

Drag Queen

The only woman on the National Hot Rod Association's Pro Stock Motorcycle circuit is a 5'1" 105-pounder who quit a nursing job to be a drag racer. Angelle Seeling rides a 1,500-cc, 300-hp Suzuki that goes from zero to 60 in one second, tops out at 188 mph and outweighs her by 400 pounds. Yet the 28-year-old New Orleans native is No. 1 in her sport.

She entered her first race when she was six. "Then my mom put me in a beauty pageant when I was 12," says Seeling, "but I didn't want to wear a gown." In 1990 she bought a street bike to race and turned pro in '96. "The men said some nasty things, like 'Strap on your balls and race like a man' or 'Go back to the kitchen.' " She won the guys over by serving them heaping helpings of exhaust.

After finishing second last season, Seeling leads this year's rankings. She still occasionally makes like Florence Nightingale. Before a race in Englishtown, N.J., last weekend she spotted a boy who had a bloody nose. "I brought him to the pits, got some ice and fixed him up," she says. Then it was back to the track, where she showed the men no mercy.

Baseball Treasure Trove
Halper's Haul of Fame

Yankees limited partner Barry Halper has a nearly unlimited supply of baseball artifacts—a cache he spent 50 years assembling (SI, May 22, 1995). Now Halper's collection is being divvied up and auctioned off.

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