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The Goal-Goal Girls!
Rick Reilly
July 05, 1999
Admit it. You were thinking, Joe Torre in heels.
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July 05, 1999

The Goal-goal Girls!

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Admit it. You were thinking, Joe Torre in heels.

You figured when a U.S. women's team finally broke through, one that made even the truck drivers care, it would be a bunch of women with Bronko Nagurski shoulders and five o'clock shadows.

Well, the revolution is here, and it has bright-red toenails. And it shops. And it carries diaper bags. The U.S. women's soccer team is towing the country around by the heart in this Women's World Cup, and just look at the players. They've got ponytails! They've got kids! They've got (gulp) curves!

Captain Carla Overbeck crawls across a magazine page in a leopard-skin dress. Midfielder Julie Foudy calls the team "booters with hooters." Lethal scorer Mia Hamm makes PEOPLE'S 50 Most Beautiful. Midfielder Brandi Chastain shows up in the pages of Gear wearing only a soccer ball, which gets her on Letterman, who sends Late Night shirts to the whole team, which snaps a picture of the players apparently wearing only the shirts and cleats, which causes Letterman to refer to them forevermore as "Babe City."

"Hey, I ran my ass off for this body," says Chastain. "I'm proud of it."

This team is a wonderful combination of Amazonian ambush and after-prom party. "We're women who like to knock people's heads off and then put on a skirt and go dance," says Chastain.

In fact, they're one of the first American women's teams with their own groupies. Very dumb groupies, but groupies nonetheless. The other night, for instance, one came up to defender Kate Sobrero in a bar and said, "You're on the U.S. soccer team, right?"

"Right," said Sobrero.

"Sooo," he said, pawing the floor with his boot, "uhh, well, are you a lesbian?"

Just to mess with him, Sobrero said, "I'm not, but my girlfriend is."

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