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July 19, 1999
Leaving the Indianapolis Motor Speedway out of the top three is questionable; leaving it out of the top 20 borders on insanity.—ROB CLEVELAND, Leesburg, Ind.
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July 19, 1999


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Salt of the Earth
I just read Ivan Maisel's wonderful article about the Nutt family (You've Got to Be Nutts, June 7). I grew up in Fordyce, Ark., with Houston Sr. and briefly had Houston Jr. on my football staff at Arkansas State. I was also the athletic director at ASU when we hired Dickey as an assistant basketball coach. The purpose of this letter is to mention Houston Sr.'s father, Abb, who was amazing in his own right. Abb could not hear or talk. He raised a large family. One of the ways Abb provided for them was with his mule and wagon, from which he sold firewood. As kids in Fordyce, we all rode in Abb's wagon. My father, "Chink" Lacewell, used to load the Nutt family into our old Chevy and take them to watch Houston play ball. I gained a great deal of respect for Abb and his family through these experiences. They prove that people can overcome physical hardships with desire and hard work.
Director of Scouting, Dallas Cowboys
Irving, Texas

Disavowing Fay
The article on the Donald Ross Society was unfortunate in that the focus was on negative comments attributed to Michael Fay rather than on the positive contributions the society has made to golf in Donald Ross's name (Keepers of the Flame, June 14). Mr. Fay's alleged statements are his own and do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of the society's board of directors.
BARRY J. PALM, President
Donald Ross Society
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

New Model
I want to thank Michael Bamberger for his article on golfer Jeff Maggert's divorce and newfound life with fianc�e Michelle Austin (Fresh Start, June 14). One comment made by Mr. Maggert was telling: "When you're 16, you're mostly interested in physical attraction." Guess what, Jeff? You're still 16, and you are still mostly interested in physical attraction. It was not Michelle Austin's mind that got Maggert's attention.
RON THOMPSON, Greensboro, N.C.

Terrific article on the devotion of Maggert to his wife and two kids. It seems as if we are supposed to "celebrate" Maggert's divorce and subsequent trade-in of his wife for a younger, perkier version.
LYNN RIZZO, Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.

Family Man Fred
Your article on Fred Couples showed me that some athletes still have their priorities right (TEEING OFF, June 14). Too often an athlete focuses too much energy on his career and not enough on getting to know his children. Once his career is over, he works on his relationship with his children, but it is too late. It's good to know this won't happen with Freddie and his stepkids.
JEFF FUJA, Minneapolis

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