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August 09, 1999
Brett Hull had about as much control over that puck as I have over the weather.—DWIGHT ANDERSON, Milford, N.Y.
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August 09, 1999


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Brett Hull had about as much control over that puck as I have over the weather.

J.D. Drew probably prefers Motel 8 because there's more money left in his wallet the next morning.
—MATT KARIS, Brooklyn

The Sound and the Fury
I can't believe Michael Farber devoted his Stanley Cup finals wrap-up story almost entirely to Brett Hull's controversial goal (The Bitter End, June 28). Hull's goal was legal. Meanwhile, Farber missed the compelling themes in the Stars' championship run, including Ed Belfour's besting Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek, and Hull's embracing a defensive philosophy. And what about Joe Nieuwendyk's winning the Conn Smythe Trophy after having ACL replacement surgery on both knees only a year earlier?

All season I watched as goal after goal was disallowed when an offensive player had so much as a toenail in the crease. To give the Stars the Cup on a clearly illegal goal is atrocious.

Failure to call obvious penalties after the second period allowed an exciting game to deteriorate into tedium.
DON HUMAN, Lexington, Ky.

Cover Contretemps
Win the World Series? Get a cover. Win the Super Bowl? Get a cover. Win the NBA championship? Get a cover. Win the Stanley Cup? Nothing, nothing, nothing.
DON LUCE, Los Angeles

I look forward every Thursday to opening my mailbox and seeing whom you have chosen for the cover. I could not believe what I saw on the June 28 issue. Marcus Camby? Did you forget about a gentleman named Payne Stewart and what he accomplished at Pinehurst No. 2?
JEFF GOSS, North Providence, R.I.

I cannot believe that sprinter Maurice Greene wasn't on the cover after breaking the world record in track's most glamorous event, the 100-meter dash.

Grieving for Brandon
John Ed Bradley's article on Brandon Burlsworth should be passed around and read by everyone, not just by athletes (Almost Perfect, June 28). The work ethic that young man displayed is an example for us all. Rest in peace, Brandon.
DAVE SISTARO, Staten Island, N.Y.

The day of Brandon's funeral was the day Brandon and I had planned to pick out our engagement rings. It is very difficult to admit that in one second, all the dreams that Brandon and I shared are gone: the dreams of our first house, our children, our careers and the rest of our lives together. But the most important thing that Brandon would want everyone to know is that on the day of his death, he was prepared. Of course, we didn't know it would happen, but Brandon knew all his life that God had placed His hand upon him and that he would be nowhere without God. Certainly, football was immensely important to Brandon, but it was his character and the relationship he had with God that defined who Brandon Burlsworth really was.

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