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September 06, 1999
The only thing lacking in Rick Reilly's stat line for Jesus is that there would be many more saves.—Tim Ferguson, Birmingham
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September 06, 1999


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I am a 20-year-old white male who grew up in a middle-class family, and I have been listening to rap music since seventh grade. When I was in high school, lots of people stereotyped rappers as thugs who do drugs and are a bad influence on kids. Thank you for showing that not all rappers are low-class citizens. In fact, they are good people who are a positive influence on youth. When I have kids, Master P is definitely someone I would like them to look up to.
Steve Lightman, Rockville, Md.

Master P in the July 19 issue. Jocks and rappers a few months before that. I'm looking forward to your article on Ricky Martin's thoughts on the designated hitter. When you start covering sports again, drop me a line.
Larry Buttrey, Long Beach, Calif.

Fix the NBA
You hit the nail on the head in analyzing what's wrong with the stagnant, low-scoring NBA (SCORECARD, July 26). Rather than conjuring up solutions, the league should view a WNBA game. After watching a few minutes of a couple of games, I saw things that I hadn't seen in a decade: players driving to the basket without getting mugged, low-post one-on-one play and teams incorporating an antiquated concept called the fast break. NBA, take a page from your female counterpart and add a little excitement to your boring game.
Tim Mulhair
Yankton, S. Dak.

Teams in the NBA already have a hard enough time finding a good shot in 24 seconds. Reducing the shot clock to 20 seconds would only lead to more bad shots, more turnovers and even lower shooting percentages. Increasing the number of possessions per game might boost scoring and quicken the flow of the game, but it would not improve the quality of play.
Matthew Paul, Washington, D.C.

Why am I not surprised that the NBA is contemplating enforcing already existing rules to help improve the pace of play? Now that Michael Jordan—the person who led the league in traveling, palming and pushing off—has retired, the league sees fit to clean up the game. I enjoyed watching Jordan play, but it always made me sick watching him get away with so many violations at both ends of the court.
Tim Wiley, Reading, Pa.

Intentional Walk
The 57 umpires who resigned in an effort to coerce Major League Baseball into meeting their demands (INSIDE BASEBALL, July 26) proved that they lack one essential ingredient necessary to function effectively as major league umpires: good judgment.
Guy T. Saperstein
Piedmont, Calif.

Anagram This
For one reason or another, perhaps it was humility or maybe it was to maintain his objectivity, Steve Rushin decided not to anagram Sports Illustrated Magazine (SI VIEW, July 19). If he had, I'm sure he would have arrived at the same one I did: stimulating A-Z sports leader.
Curt Blankespoor
Grand Rapids, Mich.

With all the hoopla over Brandi Chastain and her shirt doffing, the answer to whether she was an advertising billboard, just plain vulgar, or neither is hidden in her name: a bra ad? sin? nicht!!
Mike Shealy
Batesburg- Leesville, S.C.

Baseball's All-Century Team
I would like to thank Daniel Okrent for his "Team of the Century" article (INSIDE BASEBALL, Aug. 9). It has to be the most intelligently selected alltime All-Star team I have seen. His choice of Rickey Henderson in left was provocative and persuasively argued.
Jonathan Goetze, Pearblossom, Calif.

He may be an outstanding player and the alltime leader in stolen bases, but that does not make Henderson a better player than Ty Cobb. The Georgia Peach had 4,191 hits, 892 stolen bases and a career batting average of .367. Many baseball historians have called Cobb the best player in history, but for some reason he failed to make your list.
Jacob Basner, Freeland, Mich.

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