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September 06, 1999
The only thing lacking in Rick Reilly's stat line for Jesus is that there would be many more saves.—Tim Ferguson, Birmingham
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September 06, 1999


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The only thing lacking in Rick Reilly's stat line for Jesus is that there would be many more saves.
—Tim Ferguson, Birmingham

Wondrous Women
Thanks for your cover story on the U.S. Women's World Cup soccer victory (Out of This World, July 19). I was surprised that you made no mention of the role Tide IX played in this victory or the fact that Title IX became law the same year that Mia Hamm was born (1972). It is important to remember that while it was the teams' outstanding play that brought home the World Cup, it was Title IX that opened the door to make it all possible.
Howard K. Watkins, Fresno

I have never been so captivated by a picture on your cover as I was by the one of screaming Brandi Chastain. Her spontaneous ecstasy and relief jump off the page. No other cover, including those featuring swimsuits or Jordan championships, has given me goose bumps each and every time I look at it.
Ron Gandolfi, Downers Grove, Ill.

I'm glad you mentioned the fact that Briana Scurry violated the rules on the World Cup winning save. I've played soccer since age six and attended the semifinal match against Brazil, and I am incredibly proud of these women. However, I also love fairness, and the fact that this wasn't given more attention disturbs me.
David Weibel, Menlo Park, Calif.

What a refreshing change of pace to see a team playing its heart out for the love of the game and national pride.
Jon Baker, Delray Beach, Fla.

Brandi Chastain didn't win the game. Hers was one critical play among many. You should have put the whole team on the cover.
Roberta Maynard, Falls Church, Va.

Jesus, But Not Alou
As both a fan of the Cincinnati Reds since Johnny Bench was called up from the Buffalo Bisons, and an individual with a professional interest in Jesus Christ, I thoroughly enjoyed the wit and wisdom of Rick Reilly in the July 19 issue (THE LIFE OF REILLY). Reilly's heavenly humor caught my attention and forced readers to answer his question, "Why worship the gift when you can worship the Giver?"
The Reverend Jonathan A. Hunt
North Tonawanda, N.Y.

Reilly's use of Christ in his article is inappropriate and offensive to many Christians. The use of his column to state his opinions is expected and enjoyable; however, it is egotistical and inconsiderate to use a man that many of us consider a deity in a cute little anecdote, regardless of the moral at the end.
Mark Larson, Salt Lake City

Thanks for Reilly's "What Would Jesus Do?" I liked it so much that I read it to my congregation on Sunday.
Jack Allen
Pastor, Cottonwood Church

Master Agent
Who said it is a crime not to have all your eggs in one basket (Rappin' on the Door, July 19)? Master P has got a lot of top sports agents scratching their heads. How can the rapper/ actor/producer/CEO snag Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams? I say to them, easily. Give the man a chance to prove himself before judging him. I don't believe that Master P is in over his head—just check his track record.
Carl L. Walker, Columbus, Ohio

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