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Peter King
September 13, 1999
Heir Waves John Elway's successor is an intriguing choice
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September 13, 1999

The Nfl

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The bonuses given to rookies are way out of hand. For instance, if Browns top pick Tim Couch achieves scant incentives his first three years, some 97% of his income—$21 million of $21.75 million total—is guaranteed in the form of signing bonuses. Couch appears to be highly motivated, but some year a team's going to get burned by a first-round pick who isn't. That might be what's happening now to the Chargers with Ryan Leaf.

Bills Wideouts
Reed Gladly Pays the Price

Now this is class. The Bills drafted wide receiver Peerless Price to eventually take the place of veteran receiver Andre Reed, who's probably in the final season of his magnificent career in Buffalo. How has the 35-year-old Reed handled the prospect of losing playing time this season to Price? He has become the kid's mentor.

"He helps me every day," says Price, a cocksure second-round pick from Tennessee. "He told me one of the first days, 'With your speed, you could put the fear of God into every defensive back if you got off the line quicker. Work on that.' Now I concentrate on working through the bumps and getting off the line faster, and it's made me better." By next season Price and rising star Eric Moulds could be the league's best pair of young wideouts.

Indy Rookie's 2% Solution

Colts president Bill Polian says rookie running back Edgerrin James "came in from his holdout the way Peyton Manning came in last year: totally prepared. He had two percent body fat, something I've never seen in my years in football."...

A touching thing happened last week when Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren traded for a receiver he had trashed as soft and immature in Green Bay, 25-year-old Derrick Mayes. When Holmgren called to inform Mayes of his plans, Mayes quietly asked: "Mike, do you really want me?"

The End Zone
Lost in the Cosmo

When Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame was in the Minnesota locker room to film a promo for Monday Night Football last week, the Vikings refused to let him leave until he had delivered their favorite Kramerism. "They all wanted to hear me say, 'Giddyup!' " Richards said.

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