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September 20, 1999
Young Talks Dirty
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September 20, 1999

Word For Word

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Young Talks Dirty

"It's kind of sad that we play football indoors. It's like playing golf indoors—it's a joke. When we play indoors, I bring some dirt to have the feel of dirt on my hands. It's not superstition; it's actually what I use....

I've had to deal with bad dirt, good dirt, clay dirt, soft dirt, silty dirt. It's tough to find good dirt nowadays, to be honest with you. Sometimes I'll bring it, you know? Though there are times I've forgotten it all the way up till we're coming back in for warmups, and go, 'I don't have any dirt!' And I'll send a kid out for dirt outside the Superdome—he'll go out there looking for dirt. Yeah, if I find good dirt, I'll keep it with me....

If anyone knows where good dirt is, I'd pay for good dirt...but it's like anything nowadays—everything's kind of processed, and, you know, even dirt seems to be kind of processed now, and you don't get the good stuff like the old know the apocalypse is near when you can't find good dirt."