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A Change of Heart
Rick Reilly
October 04, 1999
From somewhere in that sky deliriously clogged with corks and hats and shirts and roar and glee came the best thing of all: a pair of dark, wraparound, screw-you sunglasses. That's how you knew that everything about American golf had changed.
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October 04, 1999

A Change Of Heart

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"I've been around these guys for a long time," said Crenshaw's wife, Julie. "This week, they changed."

Apparently, when it suddenly hits you that one of the greatest thrills in golf doesn't necessarily come with an appearance fee, you lose yourself. When the national anthem was played at the closing ceremony, Woods chewed no gum, wore no sunglasses and put his hand over his heart. At one point in the postputt pandemonium, family man Tom Lehman ripped off his shirt and flung it to the crowd. Fluff and Tiger, divorcees, embraced as if filming a Kodak ad.

High above them, from a champagne-soaked balcony overlooking thousands of joy-drunks, Duval, newly baptized, ripped off those hideous face-hiding sunglasses, reared back and heaved them into all those yesterdays.

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