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October 11, 1999
What did Tom Hallion think commissioner Bud Selig was going to do in the wake of mass resignations? Cancel the World Series?—Adrienne Pack, Norfolk
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October 11, 1999


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What did Tom Hallion think commissioner Bud Selig was going to do in the wake of mass resignations? Cancel the World Series?
—Adrienne Pack, Norfolk

One Kudo, Lots of Knocks
Tip of the cap to Dr. Z and SI (Dr. Z's All-Century Team, Aug. 30). It was an unexpected pleasure to see Dave Wilcox of the San Francisco 49ers named to the NFL all-century team. Dave was a standout All-Pro before widespread national TV exposure, self-promotion and hype changed the league. I can still see number 64 standing at the end of the defensive huddle, hands on hips, one foot crossed over the other, preparing to do battle.
Mark Bernardi, Napa, Calif.

I'm amazed that a man who was enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame, still retains a place of prominence in team records almost 50 years after wrapping up his stellar career, was the best center in the NFL and played a mean linebacker could be left off your list. Who? Clyde (Bulldog) Turner of the great Chicago Bears, of course.
Ginny Boone, Selma, Calif.

None of the running backs on your All-Century Team are No. 1 or 2 in yards gained rushing in the NFL alltime. Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears is No. 1, and therefore he should be No. 1 on the list.
Jason Botelho, Taunton, Mass.

Dave Casper at tight end? Over John Mackey? Over Mike Ditka? Over Kellen Winslow and Ozzie Newsome?
Frederick Larsen, The Dalles, Ore.

No Ray Nitschke? What's in those cigars, Dr. Z?
Mike Pleasant, Raleigh

Dr. Z's failure to give Ronnie Lott even an honorable mention at free safety is a glaring oversight. Lott was a standout, All-Pro cornerback for two Super Bowl championship seasons (1981 and '84) with the 49ers and an even better free safety for two more years ('88 and '89).
Josh Rechsteiner and Hank Dagenais, San Francisco

The greatest center is undoubtedly Mike Webster. He was the heart and soul of the Steelers' offensive line through four Super Bowl-winning seasons.
Greg Kurtz, McAllen, Texas

Notably missing are pre-1950 standouts Bronko Nagurski at fullback and linebacker, Turk Edwards at tackle and Cliff Battles at halfback.
Nelson Marans, Silver Spring, Md.

The article Game Plan in the Aug. 30 issue was a waste of paper. To expect these " NFL heavyweights" (with the possible exception of Cris Carter) to espouse anything other than the company line was dreaming. Why was there no representative of the fans? Perhaps then someone would have addressed the issue of full-priced preseason tickets.
Bob Piatt, Metairie, La.

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