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October 18, 1999
Stefanie Spielman said that Chris felt sorry for all of the people who bought Spielman jerseys now that he has retired. I bought mine today.—ANN RAKOWIECKI, Williams Bay, Wis.
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October 18, 1999


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You forgot the 1972 Dolphins, the only undefeated Super Bowl champs.
TIM PHILLIPS, Naugatuck, Conn.

Torvill and Dean? You must be joking. I can come to no other conclusion than to assume that their selection was some small sacrifice to the gods of political correctness.

I'm sure your more Neanderthal-type readers will object to the inclusion of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean among the favorite teams. Don't pay attention. The fact that they performed to music makes what they do that much better, and, yes, figure skating is sport. The reason Torvill and Dean made it look so easy was that they worked so hard at it.

The original Olympic basketball Dream Team. Imagine this sequence: rebound by Charles Barkley, outlet to Michael Jordan, touch pass to Magic Johnson, behind-the-back pass to Scottie Pippen, alley-oop pass to Karl Malone for the backboard-shattering slam. Sweet!
SHAWN WOOD, Charlotte

The 1988 Jamaican bobsled team. All guts and so little glory. The Jamaicans exemplified competitive resilience each time their sled managed to cross the finish line. They made us cry the one time it didn't.
ROBERT O'HARA, Norwalk, Conn.

Noble Warrior
Your article on Chris Spielman should be read by all pro football players (INSIDE THE NFL, Sept. 6). An extremely talented linebacker gave up what would have been his last year, though he didn't know it at the time, to help a wife who was struggling with breast cancer. His career may have ended suddenly, but I will remember the honorable act he performed off the field more than his helmet-popping tackles on it.

Hunter Heads Home
I finished the story on Catfish Hunter and the 1974 A's just hours before I heard on the radio that Catfish had passed away (Motley Crew, Sept. 6). It turned an enjoyable piece into an unforgettable slice of history. Thanks for the memories, Catfish, and rest in peace.

What a wonderful piece from Steve Rushin. Although it wasn't intended as such, it is the best obituary I've ever read.
TOM STEIG, Martinez, Calif.

Their Kind of Coach
Hurray for Rick Reilly and his article in the Sept. 6 issue (THE LIFE OF REILLY). As a. former Little League coach who put up with fathers wanting nine-year-old pitchers to throw curves, I applaud his attitude. Baseball, and all sports, at that stage should be fun first. No wonder kids burn out at an early age.
JIM RYAN, Willow Springs, Ill.

Every year I watch the Little League World Series and long for those years when I was wearing shiny new cleats, a concrete glove and an oversized helmet. Congratulations to Phenix City coach Tony Rasmus, but give me Coach Reilly any day.
DAVID HESSE, Eau Claire, Wis.

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