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November 29, 1999
If I were the "whip-smart, well-read" Costas, surely I could come up with more of a TV sports outrage than someone proclaiming his faith.—MIKE RENFRO, Dallas
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November 29, 1999


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I know you were discussing only Division I football, but you might want to mention what may well be the most prolific pass-catching trio in NCAA history. Over the past four years, Scott Pingel, John Squires and Logan Stanley have caught 816 passes in 39 games at Division III Westminster College. This year the trio had 240 receptions, the majority of which were thrown by senior quarterback Justin Peery.
Athletics Director, Westminster College
Fulton, Mo.

The Winning Spirit
John Ed Bradley captured the love affair between Kansas State defensive coordinator Phil Bennett and his late wife, Nancy (She's Not There, Oct. 25). Phil's tragic loss may well be the inspiration behind the comeback kids. The Wildcats won their first nine games, overcoming 21-point deficits in wins over Iowa State and Oklahoma State.

Thome's No Mantle
There is only one thing wrong with the Go Figure stats in the Oct. 18 issue (SCORECARD). The postseasons in which Cleveland's Jim Thome has hit his 16 home runs are made up mostly of ludicrous Division Series and Championship Series games. Mickey Mantle (above) hit his 18 for the Yankees in World Series games. Let's compare apples to apples.
JOE DONNER, Minneapolis

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