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Kostya Kennedy
December 06, 1999
On Target AgainAfter three aimless seasons, Oiler Alex Selivanov is on a scoring streak
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December 06, 1999

The Nhl

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The 6'2", 205-pound Travnicek is no stranger to controversy. Last January at the World Juniors in Winnipeg, he was suspended for two games for spitting on a linesman. Then, while playing for the Czech Republic against Russia in St. Petersburg last summer, he was among the instigators of a multi-player brawl that didn't end until the police intervened.

The International Ice Hockey Federation will review the tape of last month's incident and may further discipline Travnicek. Regardless of the federation's decision, stick-swinging has no place in the game, whether in North America or Europe.

New Jersey's Hunk
A Handsome Devil

Sheldon Souray is a punishing, 6'4", 230-pound defenseman who's known for his steady play, his solid checks and the off-season hockey clinic he runs for children of his native Metis nation in Alberta, B.C. On Tuesday, Access Hollywood may have turned the 23-year-old Souray into one of sport's most eligible bachelors: He was to have been named hockey's best-looking man in a segment also featuring athletes like Kobe Bryant and Mike Piazza. "It's a good thing Sheldon's tough, because other teams are going to let him know about it," says Ken Daneyko, Souray's partner on the Devils.

Souray, who has thick black hair and a Jim Gamer-like jaw, tried to deflect the inevitable needling by saying that the grizzled, balding, 35-year-old Daneyko is his choice for best-looking. Though Souray is single and says he would happily "date someone in Hollywood," he doesn't expect the exposure to have any long-term payoff. "People ask if I want to be in movies, and I tell them I have a pretty good job right now," says Souray, who earns $475,000. "Besides, I hope I've got a lot of years left to play, and I don't think I'll look too pretty by the time I'm done."

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