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December 27, 1999
Having drawn up rosters of the top 50 sports figures from each state, we couldn't resist ranking the states themselves. Weighing the magnitude of talent at the top of each list and the depth of talent throughout each list, here's how the states stack up.
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December 27, 1999

Ranking The States

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30. Wisconsin
Fittingly, many gridiron greats populate Curley Lambeau's frozen tundra.

31. Tennessee
A liberated list: Women are ranked first, second and fourth.

32. Washington
Set 'em up ( John Stockton, No. 1) and knock 'em down ( Earl Anthony, No. 2).

33. New Mexico
The auto racing Unsers (Al Sr., Bobby, Al Jr. and Robby) all make the top 25.

34. Arizona
The desert delivers righthanded pitchers: Jim Palmer, Curt Schilling, John Denny.

35. Iowa
The only state list topped by a wrestler, the fabled Dan Gable.

36. Nevada
A duo of unique doubles: two Madduxes and a pair of boxing referees.

37. Idaho
Unpopulous state impressive at the top: Harmon Killebrew, Jerry Kramer, Picabo Street.

38. New Hampshire
In a land of snow, the hottest stars are a baseball player and a swimmer.

39. Colorado
Mecca for U.S. Olympic training has turned out pioneering Olympians.

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