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February 14, 2000
What about Washington, D.C.? You slighted us, just the way the U.S. Senate does.—JAMES C. THOMPSON, Winter Park, Fla.
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February 14, 2000


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What about Washington, D.C.? You slighted us, just the way the U.S. Senate does.
—JAMES C. THOMPSON, Winter Park, Fla.

Upon Further Review
Congratulations to the staffers who put together the list of the top 50 athletes from all 50 states (Greatest Sports Figures, Dec. 27-Jan. 3). I've subscribed to SI since its first issue, and it was fun to see where all our favorites come from.
DAVID MIRISCH, La Costa, Calif.

As executive director of Pennsylvania's official history agency, I want to tell you that we maintain more than 1,800 historical markers. We overlooked Bill Tilden and Nellie Fox, so I appreciate your bringing them to our attention.
BRENT GLASS, Harrisburg, Pa.

While disappointed not to see my own name on the California list (actually it would have come as a shock had it been included), I wonder how you can include Greg Louganis (four Olympic medals in diving) in the state's top 10 and yet omit Patricia McCormack, who accomplished the exact same feat 32 years earlier?
JOHN NABER, Pasadena

? Naber won gold medals in the 100-meter and 200-meter backstroke, the 4x100-meter medley relay and the 4x200-meter freestyle relay at the 1976 Olympics, all world records.—ED.

No list of Florida's 50 greatest sports figures is complete without Roy Jones Jr. Pound for pound he's the best boxer in the world.

No Tommie Frazier on your Florida list? He won two national championship games while playing quarterback for Nebraska.
WALT O'CONNOR, Yardley, Pa.

Kelly Slater, who's from Florida, won five straight surfing world championships, six in all.
DOUG SMITH, Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Thank you for recognizing me in your list of the 50 greatest sports figures from Hawaii. You reminded me of my youth. Those were the days of invincibility, free from the scars of injury.

Doug Collins was an All-America basketball player at Illinois State and a member of the 1972 U.S. Olympic team that was robbed of a gold medal. He was the first player chosen in the 1973 NBA draft, by the Philadelphia 76ers; was four times an All-Star; coached the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons; and is a top basketball analyst for NBC. I cant imagine why he wasn't among the top 50 in Illinois.

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