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March 27, 2000
I would like to get Jim Bowden to negotiate the purchase of my next car.—MIKE TARKETT, Mount Laurel, N.J.
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March 27, 2000


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Why would Silver address a letter to kids that glorifies drinking beer in dark alleys, questioning authority and "living every day as if it were your last"? That's just what America needs, more kids doing whatever they feel like doing whenever they want. If you want to write something like this for adults, fine. Please be more responsible when speaking to kids.
JERRY R. TRUELOVE, Quapaw, Okla.

Future Shock
Your "This Week's Sign That the Apocalypse Is Upon Us" for Feb. 21 was interesting (SCORECARD). However, it certainly wasn't the biggest harbinger of impending doom in that week's issue. A scarier omen was printed a few pages earlier in the "Go Figure" section: pro wrestlers holding down spots No. 1 and No. 4 on The New York Times best-seller list.
KEVIN TLOUGAN, River Falls, Wis.

Faithful Retainers
From a strategic standpoint, the Bills probably made a smart decision in releasing Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed (INSIDE THE NFL, Feb. 21). Buffalo has drafted well over the years and has young talent ready to replace those fading stars. However, it's a shame that teams are left with no choice but to cut future Hall of Famers because of the salary cap. Perhaps if the NFL implemented a policy that would make players with 10 or more years of service to an organization exempt from the salary cap, loyalty would still fit into the equation.
DAVID WORLOCK, Arkadelphia, Ark.

Time for the Sunblock
This is your best swimsuit issue yet, and I have seen them all (WINTER 2000). The 3-D section alone shows why SI is synonymous with unsurpassed photojournalism.

Let's make a deal: You don't sully our subscription by printing any more articles about Dennis Rodman, the most self-absorbed, overindulged player ever to put on a uniform in the NBA, and I'll spare you another letter questioning the motives behind your swimsuit issue.
LAURA B. BROWN, Pinetop, Ariz.

One of the funniest things I've seen was on a flight the day the issue came out. On my way back to my seat from the forward lavatory, I noticed that fully half of the men were wearing the 3-D glasses. It looked like a charter flight from a cataract convention.
BLAINE JOHNSON, Clearwater, Fla.

At least you won't be getting inundated with a lot of letters about provocative poses and skimpy suits in the swimsuit issue this year. You sure toned it down from past years.

The only saving grace in watching my husband savor your swimsuit issue is how dopey he looks wearing the 3-D glasses.
KAREN MARKS, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Let me get this straight. You put THIS SIDE TOWARD FACE on the 3-D glasses because you thought that we drooling cretins could not put them on without directions?

Three-D glasses? Unbelievable. What's next year's toy going to be? A neat-o Batman decoder ring?

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