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March 27, 2000
I would like to get Jim Bowden to negotiate the purchase of my next car.—MIKE TARKETT, Mount Laurel, N.J.
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March 27, 2000


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How about a pair of X-ray vision glasses next year?
FRED RINDGE, Charleston, S.C.

I'm a longtime reader, and the swimsuit issue is the only one I look at front-to-back and, thus, don't read THE LIFE OF REILLY first. Sorry Rick, gotta have priorities!
BRIAN BASSAGE, University Place, Wash,

Great photos of great bodies in great suits! You've done it again, but this year, finally someone has put it all into perspective for those guys who would love to take out Heidi. Thanks to Reilly for recognizing the appearance-versus-reality theme. Too bad most of your male readers won't make it to the last page to read it.
SARA ANN THOMAS, Allentown, Pa.

I couldn't help but notice Ben Crenshaw's bracelet with the initials WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). Standing beside Crenshaw was his bikini-clad wife. This scene made me ask myself: If Jesus were married would he let his bikini-wearing wife pose in SI?
KEITH MYERS, Fortson, Ga.

Please cancel my office subscription immediately. Send all future copies directly to my apartment.

The swimsuit issue will continue to disappoint as long as you employ models who appear to subsist on a diet composed of little more than a couple of carrot sticks a day. Most of the models you chose appeared unable to fill out the swimsuits they were wearing.
TERRY T. MARK, Elkhart, Ind.

Where are the wonderful smiles of the ail-American girls next door, like Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley?
CHRISTIAN BENDIXEN, Pleasanton, Calif.

What bothers me are all these people who read or look at every page of the swimsuit issue and find time to write in and complain about it. They know what they will see beforehand and are just as excited to review the issue as the people who are in favor of it. If it is so offensive, they should not pick it up.
BRIAN K. McCCLESKEY, Bayou Vista, Texas

Short Shrift
I was disappointed to hear of Tom Landry's passing, but I was even more disappointed to see that you felt his contribution to sports was only worthy of a sidebar (INSIDE THE NFL, Feb. 21). Instead of putting a true gentleman on the cover, you chose Griffey, a spoiled brat.
MARC JOHNSON, Lower Gwynedd, Pa.

Tragedy and Hope
Thanks to E.M. Swift for writing such a stirring article about Derek Paulsen and Eva Wahlstrom and their families (Custer's Fallen Warrior, Feb. 21). Derek and Eva were extraordinary young adults, but, more important, they were as modest as they were talented. In today's sports world, people think it's a tragedy when their team doesn't win the Super Bowl. A real tragedy is when a parent has to bury a child.

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