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March 27, 2000
I would like to get Jim Bowden to negotiate the purchase of my next car.—MIKE TARKETT, Mount Laurel, N.J.
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March 27, 2000


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I would like to get Jim Bowden to negotiate the purchase of my next car.
—MIKE TARKETT, Mount Laurel, N.J.

Replaced by a Legend
Thank you for the thought-provoking article on Trent Green (No Day at the Beach, Feb. 21). Green's situation is reminiscent of that of the Colts' George Shaw (above), who was injured and replaced by a sandlot quarterback named Johnny Unitas.
JACK TITUS, Portland

I think it's great Ken Griffey Jr. accepted less money to play for a small-market team {Home Economics, Feb. 21). However, the way he held the Mariners hostage for four months is good for nobody except Griffey and the Reds. Seattle had no choice but to accept anything Cincinnati offered. When a player has that much power to decide where he'll play, it's bad for the game.
GREG PAYTON, Sherwood, Ore.

I'm appalled at Griffey's lack of loyalty or courtesy toward the Mariners, but I appreciate that a player already making millions decided not to try to break the bank.
Fairfax, Va.

What a magnificent job Reds general manager Jim Bowden did in getting Griffey. He kept his composure and didn't give up or give in. Bowden was able to keep Cincinnati's young and talented players. He should not have the title of general manager but that of general genius.
Corbin, Ky.

Let's not get carried away with praise for Bowden. Unhappy with Mariners management and Safeco Field, Griffey forced the trade to Cincinnati with his 10-and-five rights. Bowden and the Reds simply accepted the silver platter when it was handed to them.
Mukilteo, Wash.

There is a typo on the cover of your Feb. 21 issue. The headline should read HOW THE REDS STOLE JUNIOR.
JOSH HERSHFIELD, Maple Valley, Wash.

Why couldn't Griffey simply move his family to Seattle? There are homes, schools and stores there, and it is a beautiful city. Will Junior be going home to his family in Florida after each home game in Cincinnati? Or was this trade to the Reds simply another case of a rich, self-centered superstar who wanted what he wanted, and that was reason enough? No matter how you dress it up as a matter of family values, it still smells bad.
JIM SCHMIDT, Eugene, Ore.

Takes on Thomas
Thanks to Michael Silver for his touching open letter to kids about Derrick Thomas (SCORE-CARD, Feb. 21). It's a letter I plan to save for the kids I hope to have someday. I had no inkling about how great a human being Thomas was until he had passed away. The NFL and other leagues should make sure every living player with Thomas's altruism gets his share of publicity, even if he's only a backup player.

Silver's tribute to Thomas was touching. At the end he writes that Thomas would tell his young fans to wear their seat belts. I think a lasting tribute to Thomas's memory would be an NFL campaign to promote seat belt use.
PATSY THEOBALD, Waukesha, Wis.

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