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Jeff Pearlman
March 27, 2000
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Angels
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March 27, 2000

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Angels

"The angels will bounce back with a better year for a couple of reasons. Now that all their players seem healthy, I like their offense. They won't have trouble scoring runs, and Mo Vaughn looks like he's going to have a big year. The other reason Anaheim should improve is new manager Mike Scioscia. Terry Collins, the former skipper, was a drill sergeant, and you can't be that way anymore. Scioscia isn't too far removed from playing to know that....

Now the bad news: The general manager, Bill Stoneman, hasn't done anything to improve the team. The pitching is a problem. Ken Hill has good stuff, but he's not close to being a No. 1 starter. Tom Candiotti and Tim Belcher? They're way past their primes. I like righthander Ramon Ortiz. He's got a plus fastball and a good breaking ball with good command....

Troy Percival, the closer, is coming off a shoulder injury. He looks good, but he still has to show he's ready to pitch two or three days in a row. With this staff the Angels will need to score six or seven runs a game to win. Even with their offense, that's too much to ask. I can't see them finishing higher than third."