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Lars Anderson
March 27, 2000
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Padres
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March 27, 2000

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Padres

"This team has a ton of question I marks. I've got it down for 70 to 75 wins....

Al Martin will help in leftfield and Bret Boone will help at second base, but I've never been a big fan of Ryan Klesko. He can't play first base, and I don't think he wants to. He belongs in leftfield, where he can't do as much damage....

Phil Nevin is shaky at third, and the shortstops, Chris Gomez and Damian Jackson, are nothing special. It's a bad infield....

It's time for centerfielder Ruben Rivera to put up. He's a great defender with an above-average arm, but I haven't seen him make any adjustments at the plate. He can't even hit a decent fastball....

Ben Davis has the size and tools, and I like his actions behind the plate. I don't know why the Padres would even consider trading him. Maybe they know something the rest of us don't....

Sterling Hitchcock isn't a No. I starter, but he has five different pitches and knows how to use them. Woody Williams will battle every time out. After that, the staff is pretty ordinary except for Trevor Hoffman, I who's as good a closer as there is."