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Lars Anderson
March 27, 2000
an opposing team's scout sizes up the Rockies
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March 27, 2000

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an opposing team's scout sizes up the Rockies

"The Rockies made a ton of changes, but I'm not sure they were especially good ones. What's needed most is for Buddy Bell to change the attitude. Larry Walker is the biggest problem. He plays for himself, and he picks his times when he wants to rest. He's a cancer in the clubhouse. He's obviously an impact player, but he's always loafing after balls in the outfield. Until he becomes something of a leader, Colorado will follow his negative example....

The one guy on this team I'd want is Neifi Perez. He has range, a good arm; he can hit for a decent average, and he plays the game hard. If the Rockies followed Perez instead of Walker, they'd be better off....

Over the past three years Mike Lansing has declined like few others. With Montreal he had pretty good range. Now he looks real stiff, and his offensive production is minimal. Bulking up has hurt him a lot....

The bullpen is bad. Mike DeJean is probably the top guy out there—he has a good two-and four-seamer, good tilt on the slider, and his ball sinks. If the Rockies don't upgrade the pen, they're still no better than 500."