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John Walter
May 08, 2000
A sports Internet confab was teeming with Web plans and schemes
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May 08, 2000

Conference Call

A sports Internet confab was teeming with Web plans and schemes

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Ruchira Shukla has a dream. A native of Delhi who lives in New York City, Shukla believes that the time for a Web site devoted to a fantasy cricket league is now—which is why she is launching this week. Shukla was one of about 200 budding Internet sports entrepreneurs who convened at last week's Interactive Sports 2000 West conference in Santa Monica, Calif. Here were two other intriguing niche sites represented at the conference:

?, launched in 1998, is one of a growing number of sites that cater to teams on the high school level and below, creating home pages complete with stats and game recaps. "One of our American youth baseball teams was traveling in England and found out about another one of our teams in France," says eteamz president Brian Johnson. "Before long, the two teams were on a six-game European tour."

?, which allows competitors to register for road races, triathlons and 60 other sports on line rather than by standing in one. The service has been enhanced by its recent deal with Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch.

Many would-be Webmeisters at the conference were still seeking a niche. Ken Kaiserman of Los Angeles came armed with nothing more than a URL. Kaiserman owns and is trying to plot his next step. "Sell the name and run," advised one weary veteran of Internet start-up wars.