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A Brief History of Sex
May 08, 2000
A survey conducted by organizers of last month's London Marathon found that runners who indulged in sex the night before a race had, on average, faster finishing times than those who didn't. Those findings are sure to add fuel to the long-running sporting debate over abstinence versus indulgence on the eve of big events. A historical look:
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May 08, 2000

A Brief History Of Sex

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1994 Brazil soccer coach ALBERTO PARREIRA vows, "It will not be for lack of sex that Brazil will lose the World Cup"; saucy South Americans defeat self-restrained Italy on penalty kicks in Rose Bowl final

1996 Canadian swim coach DAVE JOHNSON has his men and women sign abstinence pact before Summer Olympics in Atlanta; Team Celibate earns three medals, sets eight national records

1998 JANET ELWAY maintains safe distance from husband JOHN before Super Bowl XXXII; after 14-year drought, John scores first of two NFL titles

1999 Several ISRAELI SOCCER PLAYERS are investigated for allegedly getting schwerve on before 5-0 loss to Denmark in Euro

2000 qualifier 2000 Wife and coach of marathoner KHALID KHANNOUCHI says, "After the race we have a party, but not before"; party-hearty world-record holder finishes disappointing third

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