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May 15, 2000
I like to think that God called Payne Stewart early because He or She was tired of playing with Ben Hogan.—Tony Crowell, Laguna Beach, Calif.
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May 15, 2000


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I like to think that God called Payne Stewart early because He or She was tired of playing with Ben Hogan.
—Tony Crowell, Laguna Beach, Calif.

Hail the Champions
I just received my SI with Mateen Cleaves on the cover (Spartan Effort, April 10). I thought I'd cancel my subscription—another article about Cleaves that didn't give credit to the rest of the Michigan State team. After reading the story, I realized SI was one of the few publications to acknowledge the roles of A.J. Granger and Morris Peterson, the true heroes of the win.
Robert Breen, Buffalo

If Florida's Teddy Dupay had, as you say, "inadvertently" hooked Cleaves's ankle in the second half of the NCAA championship game, then Marty McSorley accidentally whacked Donald Brashear, and Ken Griffey Jr. just happened to end up in Cincinnati. The sad part is that Dupay probably thinks his dangerous hacks make him a tough competitor and a hero. Well, Teddy, as the Spartans demonstrated, bad little boys get spanked.
Nate Diedrich, Grand Rapids

Six photos of the Spartans and not one picture of the man who guided them there? Congratulations—that's just the way Tom Izzo would prefer it.
Rob Kaminski, Lansing, Mich.

Short Shrift
I understand that from a television ratings standpoint the women's college basketball championship (Swat Team, April 10) doesn't compare with the men's. But the loyalty of the women's fan base is as strong, if not stronger, as that of the men's. I wanted to know if Tennessee's 71-52 defeat by Connecticut was coach Pat Summitt's worst loss in a postseason game. I found that out, but not from your magazine.
Julie E. Stocker, Bristol, Conn.

Defending the NCAA
Right on, Seth Davis and your article criticizing the bad-mouthing of the NCAA (SCORECARD, April 10). You hit on something I have wanted to see in print for a long time. I believe the NCAA does a great job in overseeing the administration of college athletics.
Gary Hunt, Riverside, Calif.

Remembering Payne
Leigh Montville's article The Ghost Plane was one of the most compelling I've ever read (April 10). He not only told us about Payne Stewart's life but also about the other passengers, their lives and their families. For nearly six months I've heard little about the investigation into what happened on that tragic day. Thank you for giving me some closure on the incident.
Chuck Chandler, Blanchardville, Wis.

I believe your article to be a disservice to Stewart's family and to the families of the others who perished. If you'd had news of the cause, that would have been different. Let the families go on with their lives without reminders.
Thomas A. Turner, North Charleston, S.C.

The Kling and Stout families appreciate the effort and time that went into the article. In it you referred to the wife of Mike Kling, the pilot of Stewart's plane, as Donna Stout. Mike and Donna had been married for 15 years, and she remains proud to be known as Donna Kling. Mike treated my mother's three children as his own. He helped raise us and had a great impact on our lives.
Cliff R. Stout Jr., Oklahoma City

Fine Whine
Jaromir Jagr and Valeri Bure complaining about Michael Peca for his physical play (INSIDE THE NHL, April 10)? Excuse me, but aren't we talking about hockey? That's like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez complaining about Pedro Martinez because he throws too hard.
Robert W. Hansen, Millbury, Mass.

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